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The classics are all about Qi mapping energy flow and how to retain those Qi to benefit the occupant. You can go for the generally accepted best bedroom feng shui colors which are all skin tones from light porcelain to.

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Here are some best practices.

Feng shui blue bedroom. This makes it a very balancing color which can be helpful in a bedroom. Embrace Simplicity with Minimalist Feng Shui. As we hope for prosperity and health for the Year of the Ox we spoke with the Hong Kong -based feng shui.

Curtains in your bedroom shall be mainly in light colors such as oyster grey and light blue which are quite tranquil. Theres heavy emphasis on the location of the bedroom relative to the house. You can define the best colors for your bedroom based on the bagua area your bedroom is located in bagua is the feng shui energy map of any given space.

Feng Shui home colors and Chinese symbols. The Metal element is also. Light blues greens and lavenders are considered restful and conducive to sleep.

Purple is made up of cooling soothing blue and fiery passionate red. Depending on your feng shui priorities you might want to introduce some deep blue elements into your bedroom to promote better sleep or a gentle playful aqua in the living room of a big and busy family. Classical Feng Shui makes little to no mention about bedroom colors although there are references to colors in other areas.

Lastly the inclusion of greenery infuses life energy and vibrancy into this serenely beautiful bedroom which proves luxury and Feng Shui go hand-in-hand. Check for your annual flying star 7 and display it in the afflicted sector to weaken the negative energy. Terra cotta colors coupled with peach cocoa tan cream and coral are magical.

Blue and green bathroom colors create peaceful and calming house designs and attract wealth. Coffey Architecture curated these beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas and weaved them into this marvelous bedroom. Colors like red reddish orange lemon yellow and grass green are too bright for bedrooms.

According to feng shui warm colors reminiscent of skin tones such as cream peach beige yellow coral tan or cocoa are ideal on bedroom walls because theyre thought to be soothing. Avoid placing this rhino symbol in your bedroom bathroom or kitchen. East Northeast Green Blue.

Purple is also connected to the Xun Wealth area of the feng shui bagua map related to prosperity. Light blue-based shades of purple in a bedroom may promote mental and physical healing and spiritual growth. Toilet and bathroom should not be located directly opposite to the bed in the master bedroom.

Theres also emphasis on where the bed is located and whether there are any negative Forms in the bedroom. Curtains in bedroom shall not be in too many colors or. This is because the blue rhino representing the water element can help to weaken the flying star 7 that belongs to the metal element.

Bedroom Colors Based on Classical Feng Shui. Avoid red-based shades of purple in order to minimize yang energy. Declutter under your bed.

Feng Shui for bedroom. Heres where feng shui can be really helpful. Feng Shui also associates blue with a sense of exploration and adventure because the sky and the sea are blue.

The bedroom shall have a relaxing atmosphere so the colors which can make you feel quiet and comfortable are the most appropriate. Light blue is considered the feng shui color of harmonious expansion and gentle growth while darker blue evokes the feng shui energy of deep calm wisdom and serenity. There are several ways to choose best bedroom colors with feng shui.

This mid-sized contemporary bedroom perfectly. This can be achieved by getting rid of old objects adding plants to the space as well as using soft and warm colors for your decor. The bedroom Feng Shui colors are white gold and silver due to the dominating Metal element of these zones.

Rich soothing and warm feng shui colors are ideal for the bedroom. Feng shui colors that are natural and soft such as green light blues and lavenders can be handy at making your bedroom. You can choose the suitable colors according to the direction of the bedroom.

However couples who have difficulty with intimate communication or people who are prone to depression should not use blue in the bedroom. A space dedicated to rest it is recommended that the bedroom is free of any physical or emotional clutter. Blue and green colors are the best for bathroom decorating and good Feng Shui design.

Choose the colors of your bedroom walls and materials of furniture respectively to bring creativity into your life. South light Purple Yellow Black. From using colors to placing certain objects in specific areas there are lots of ways to bring feng shui into your bedroom.

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