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I generally wind up accumulating little knickknacks that I have no clue where to store. I hung some racks a year ago that are as of now flooding with plants, casings, and little earthenware models. I needed to hang some littler racks that would likewise fill in as a craftsmanship piece. I adore the look of incomplete wood and the effortlessness and quality of rope line. The outcome is a straightforward plan that has a major effect in your space!

If necessary, slice your sheets to estimate. I cut a 24″ board down the middle. Penetrate two openings on inverse finishes of the board. You can quantify the correct separations or eyeball it as I did.

To hang your first retire, sliced two bits of line to your coveted length, making sure to leave space for the tied finishes. I cut 2 bits of 40″ string. Overlay the two pieces down the middle, and place the collapsed end underneath the metal ring.

Modify the length of the rope to make your racks hang as high or low as you need. At that point, tie hitches toward the finish of each bit of rope. Trim off the abundance string.