+32 We love winter wear snow cold weather sweaters

You might conceivably have heard that there was an incredible tempest this previous end of the week and we at long last got some snow! Fortunately for us, Connecticut didn’t get the brunt of the tempest, yet despite everything it made for some enjoyment in the snow… I’m certain some of you saw me skipping in it on Snapchat throughout the end of the week!

This fake hide vest is the hottest one I claim by a wide margin and unquestionably sufficiently substantial to keep me toasty in the bone chilling temps we’ve been having here to finish off January. I’ve likewise been wearing this curiously large sweater basically constant since I got it back in November. It’s sincerely a standout amongst the most flexible pieces in my storage room this season and I’ve worn it wherever from night out to relaxing around the house.

I’m certain I’ll lose one out of only days.

‘ve been finding these Sorel snow boots for you and am so amazed there are even some still left this late into the season. Since the snow truly began descending, you should scoop them up on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. It’s my third season with them and I say thanks to myself each time we have a tempest!