+26 Secrets To Living room ideas bohemian modern

Slouchy Bohemian maximalism and Scandinavian moderation may appear inverse finishes of the range, style-wise, yet this home in Varberg, on Sweden’s West Drift, unites them in the most ideal way.

In the lounge room above, we see the whitewashed dividers and basic shading plan we’ve seen in such huge numbers of Scandinavian homes, however with a couple of turns. The weathered cowhide furniture and antique floor covering convey surface and warmth to the space, and the mass of books includes a lived-in feel.

The equivalent goes for this workspace — extremely straightforward hues and current decorations, yet with some additional exuberance because of plants and some great mess.

Plants likewise add a little life to the room, and on the arrival outside, a wild natural backdrop makes a transitional space anything other than exhausting. Taken together, the entire house is verification that combining altogether different styles can have sudden — and startlingly magnificent — results.