+40 Trends you need to know Half bathroom decor small diy

In a house half bathroom often neglected from any design interior upgrade. Especially if the house rarely entertains any guest, thus the neglecting chance becomes higher. When in reality, the half bathroom can be your trial zone in interior design. It’s small and only a minimal touch, this will be a perfect place to practice. That’s why here a list of some creative half bathroom décor small DIY you can do for a fresh up:

  1. Multifunction Seating & Shelf

There’s no reason not to make your half bathroom more comfortable. If you happened to have a slightly spacious half bathroom, then you can add some half bathroom décor small DIY seating from used wooden fruit container. You can arrange the boxes with the opening sideways to make the shelf. For the seating, add some rug on top of it.

  1. Makeshift Rack

If you have small spaced half bathroom adding a shelf can fill the room. To resolve this, you can add some makeshift rack on the wall. To do this, you only need some wooden plank and trestles. Then there you go, additional storage room for the necessities.

  1. Towel and Toilet Paper Holder

You may already have a cupboard under the sink, so you don’t need any shelf. Then you can put some décor touch your half bathroom on other details like the towel and toilet paper holder. You can DIY some simple but attractive holders by clothing hangers.

  1. Decorated Mirror

Add your half bathroom décor small DIY touch in the mirror. Decorate mirror in your style by draw some pattern around the rim of the mirror. If you doubt your drawing skill, you can try this Bali style mirror. Just arrange smithereens coloring glass around the mirror to act as a frame then glue the glass and mirror in one board surface.

  1. Extended Counter

This décor trick will do if your half bathroom only has a sink without a counter. Just add counter beside the sink in your style. You can use the technique of makeshift rack above utilizing wooden board and trestles. But don’t forget to sand the board for safety.

  1. Lighting

Another way to play décor for your half bathroom is going for the lighting. If you want a dramatic effect, then you can try to put the spot-light style lamp. And if you want a softer look, then you have to put a shaded lamp. One thing to remember about the lighting is that you have to go with the bright one.

  1. Small Decoration

Other things to do for half bathroom décor small DIY is by adding some decoration. You can put some small framed printed designs on the wall. If you don’t like anything hanging in the half bathroom space, then you can try to put some aromatherapy candles in the counter. Or you can place some small potted plant to add some green.

The half bathroom décor small DIY can boost your confidence. When family members, friends, and acquaintances come over, they will see that you put attention on your living space. Decorating your small bathroom is a sign that you’re a caring person. And also, to do it you can DIY, and there’s no extra budget to pay an interior designer.